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Discover the Hidden Gems of Summer Travel

Why settle for the usual tourist traps when you can explore underrated summer destinations that offer unique experiences and fewer crowds? Here are some top picks:

Port de Soller, Spain

Nestled on Mallorca’s west coast, this serene village features a charming beach promenade and breathtaking sunsets. Explore citrus orchards and savor local produce in a tranquil setting.

Malawi, Africa

Known for its abundant wildlife, Malawi offers an exceptional safari experience. Visit Majete Wildlife Reserve and unwind at Lake Malawi’s Pumulani Lodge, where you can kayak and dive.

Canon City, Colorado

Home to the awe-inspiring Royal Gorge, this destination is perfect for thrill-seekers. Experience whitewater rafting, ziplining, and the exhilarating Royal Rush Skycoaster.


Renowned for its spiritual ambiance, Bhutan charges a daily sustainable development fee to preserve its pristine environment. Visit the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery and enjoy wellness retreats at luxury lodges.

Vernal, Utah

Dubbed “Dinosaurland,” Vernal is a must-visit for dinosaur enthusiasts. Explore Dinosaur National Monument and enjoy outdoor activities at Red Fleet State Park.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Surf enthusiasts will love Playa Zicatela’s famous “Mexican Pipeline.” Relax at nearby luxury resorts and enjoy activities like kayaking and birdwatching at Laguna Manialtepec.

Saguenay Lac Saint Jean, Canada

This region is perfect for nature lovers. Explore the Saguenay Fjord, try rock climbing on via ferrata routes, and enjoy wildlife adventures, including whale-watching.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Stroll along the public shore path and marvel at historic mansions. Take a Mailboat Tour to learn about the area’s fascinating history and enjoy the scenic views.

Slo Cal, California

San Luis Obispo County offers a laid-back vibe with excellent wineries in Paso Robles. Try ziplining over vineyards or horseback riding through scenic landscapes.

Ayrshire, Scotland

Immerse yourself in history at Glenapp Castle and explore the numerous castles in the area. Enjoy outdoor activities and stargazing in Galloway Forest Park.

Transylvania County, North Carolina

Home to over 250 waterfalls, this area is ideal for waterfall-chasing adventures. Visit DuPont State Recreational Forest and slide down the natural rock slide at Sliding Rock.

Mustique, Caribbean

A secluded island paradise, Mustique offers pristine beaches and luxurious stays at The Cotton House. Enjoy snorkeling, paddleboarding, and a relaxed atmosphere.

South Walton, Florida

Dive into the Underwater Museum of Art off Grayton Beach. Explore sculptures submerged underwater, creating a unique diving experience.

Cartagena, Colombia

Experience vibrant culture and history in Cartagena. Dine at Interno, a restaurant run by inmates, and enjoy the city’s lively music and dance scene.

Providence, Rhode Island

Attend WaterFire, a captivating event where rivers are illuminated with bonfires. Enjoy music, performances, and romantic gondola rides through the city.

These destinations promise unforgettable summer experiences away from the crowded hotspots.

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