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Students are taught about trig identities or trigonometric identities in school and are an important part of higher-level mathematics. So to help you understand and learn all trig identities we have explained here all the concepts of trigonometry. As a student, you would find the trig identity sheet we have provided here useful. So you can download and print the identities PDF and use it anytime to solve the equations.

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We all know that trigonometry is an important part of mathematics, physics, architecture, etc. And sometimes students might find it tricky and confusing to solve trigonometric equations. So to help you understand the concepts of trigonometric identities, we have created this site providing all the information about the trig identities with examples.

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Trig Reciprocal Identities, trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies the relationships between angles and lengths in triangles.

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What Are Trig Identities?

Although trigonometry does not have any direct application its application in our daily lives cannot be neglected. It is an indispensable aspect of many areas of studies and industries. Its most common application is to measure the height of a building, mountain or a tall object at a distance. The only two information required to find out the height is the angle of elevation and distance from the object.

Trigonometric identities are mathematical equations which are made up of functions. These identities are true for any value of the variable put.
There are many identities which are derived by the basic functions, i.e., sin, cos, tan, etc. The most basic identity is the Pythagorean Identity, which is derived from the Pythagoras Theorem. It is used to determine the equations by applying the Pythagoras Theorem. So it helps us to determine the relationship between lines and angles in a right-angled triangle.
The other important identities are Hyperbolic identities, half-angle identities, inverse identities, etc.

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List of Trig Identities

Trigonometry is a wide branch that has applications in various field such as Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, etc. Hence many identities or equalities have been derived by the mathematicians over the years from the basic functions. Here we shall provide you with the trig formulas list which contains all the identities used in Mathematics. So this trigonometry formula sheet will help you solve the complex equations.

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