Differentiation Formula for Trigonometric Functions

Differentiation Formula: In mathmatics differentiation is a well known term, which is generally studied in the domain of calculus portion of mathematics.We all have studied and solved its numbers of problems in our high school and +2 levels.

Differentiation Formulas for Trigonometric Functions

Differentiation Formulas for Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Differentiation Formulas for Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Differentiation Formulas for Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Other Differentiation Formula




In the language of laymen differentiation can be explained as the measure or tool, by which we can measure the exact rate of change. For instance you can figure out the rate of change in velocity, in accordance to the time for the given number of functions.

Well, if you are a math fanatic and want to solve out the several questions based on differentiation, then here we will help you in it.

We will discuss the systematic formula of differentiation by which you can determine the rate of speed for such function.

Types of Differential Equation

Differential equations can be divided into types which name are —

  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Linear Differential Equations
  • Non-linear differential equations
  • Homogeneous Differential Equations
  • Non-homogenous Differential Equations

Differential Equation

Different Differentiation Formulas for Calculus

Well, differentiation being the part of calculus may be comprised of numbers of problems and for each problem we have to apply the different set of formulas for its calculation.

So, if you want to have solid grip and understanding of differentiation, then you must be having all its formulas in your head.

Here below is the list of several of Differentiation formulas starting from basic level and going to the advanced stage.

Different Differentiation Formulas for Calculus

Derivative of the Exponential and Logarithmic functions


Recall the definition of the logarithm function with base a > 0 (with tex2html_wrap_inline450 ):


Well, as we know that calculus is based on purely scientific calculations, where you have to apply a certain formula, in order to get the solution of certain problem.

In the similar way you will encounter the number of problems in differentiation, for which you will be needing its specific formula to get the right answer.

There are the numbers of formulas in calculus and you have to apply the right formula in the concerned differential problem. We urge you to practice all above mentioned formulas in order to get better at solving differentiation problems.

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