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Quadratic Equation Formula Derivation Step By Step

If you have ever applied the quadratic equation formula to the quadratic equation then you might have wondered about the quadratic equation formula derivation. Well, we are going to make it clear for you in our article ahead.

We all have solved the quadratic equation in our schooling at one point of time of our education. We used to apply the straightforward formula of the quadratic equation without ever realizing its derivation. Yes, quadratic equation formula derivation is based on some real concept if you are willing to realize it.

Quadratic Equation Formula Derivation

Quadratic Equation Formula Derivation

We all know about the quadratic equation formula which is written as x=−b±b2−4ac​​/2a and we just find the value of x with this formula. The formula is useful to solve the quadratic equation which we know as ax^2+bx+c=0. With the quadratic equation formula, we easily get the solution or the value of x just in some simple steps.

The formula is actually derived from the steps that complete the value of square. We are going to break it down in the form of some steps for a clear purpose.

  • You have to divide both sides of the quadratic equation with a
  • Next just transpose the quantity which is c/a to the right side of the equation.
  • Now just complete the square with the value b^2/4a^2 to both sides of the equation.
  • Now you just need to factor in the left side and then combine it with the right side.
  • You now have to extract the root of both sides in the given equation.
  • Now simply solve the value for x with the right side of the equation.
  • Finally, the resulting value would be exactly the formula of the quadratic equation.

Quadratic Equation Formula Derivation

So, with these steps, you can easily come across the derivation of the quadratic equation formula. If this derivation makes sense to you then kindly share it with other enthusiasts as well. We believe it would help others as well who feel confused with the quadratic equation formula.

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