Snowdon Masters Scholarship will be available in the United Kingdom

The Snowdon Masters Scholarships stand as a beacon of hope for disabled students in the United Kingdom, offering a life-changing opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies. Established by the Snowdon Trust, named after the philanthropic Lord Snowdon himself, these scholarships recognize the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals in higher education and bridge the financial gap to academic excellence.

Eligibility: Tailored for Aspiring Disabled Minds

  • Disability Focus: The scholarships prioritize students with a physical disability or sensory impairment. The Snowdon Trust recognizes the diverse spectrum of disabilities and aims to empower individuals who might face additional barriers in education.
  • International Considerations: The eligibility criteria for international students can evolve. While some years might see broader international eligibility, it’s crucial to check the Snowdon Trust website ( for the latest updates. Look for details regarding factors like having higher education home fee status in the UK or obtaining your undergraduate degree there.

Scholarship Benefits: A Supportive Springboard

  • Financial Muscle: The Snowdon Masters Scholarships offer a substantial award of up to £30,000. This breaks down into two key components:
    • Tuition Fee Support: Up to £15,000 can be used to alleviate the burden of tuition fees, allowing you to focus on your studies.
    • Living Allowance: An additional £15,000 is provided as a living allowance/maintenance stipend spread over your Master’s program duration. This helps with living expenses, ensuring you can comfortably navigate your academic journey.

A Change in Management: Streamlining the Process

Previously, the Snowdon Trust partnered with external organizations for application management. However, for the upcoming application cycle, the Trust has taken the program in-house, ensuring a streamlined and centralized application process.

Preparing for the Leap: Essential Resources

While the specific application details for 2024 might not be available yet (since 2023 applications are closed), here are some resources to keep you informed and prepared:

Beyond the Scholarship: A Community of Support

The Snowdon Trust goes beyond financial aid. They understand the importance of a support network. Explore their website for information on potential mentorship opportunities or even connect with past scholarship recipients to gain valuable insights into the application process and the overall experience.

Remember, the Snowdon Masters Scholarships are more than just financial assistance. They represent a belief in your potential and a commitment to fostering a more inclusive academic environment. With careful planning and by utilizing the resources available, you can position yourself to be a strong contender for this prestigious scholarship

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