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What is Area of Triangle Formula with Examples

Facing difficulty in determining the area of a triangle? Well, we are going to make it quite simple for all our readers to compute the triangle area with our area of triangle formula. Maths is fun yet it’s the most practical subject in the determination of various area sizes.

The area is basically a space that is comprised of any given object. This object may be the square, polygon, triangle, etc. We will keep our article limited only to the discussion of the triangle area. We shall provide the proper explanation of the triangle area along with the concerned formula in our article.

Formula of Area of Triangle

Well, as most of us must be aware a triangle is an area surface that contains three sides. In other words, the area of a triangle is comprised of three sides, unlike the square. So, we basically need to take all those three sides in our consideration to find out the area of a triangle.

area of triangle formula

One common thing about all types of triangles is that the polygon sides of the triangle always remain half of the base time height. So accordingly we have to figure out the base time height so as to find out the exact area of a tri-sided polygon. We can denote this equation as the area = 1/2 × b × h to figure out the base time height.

With the above-mentioned formula, we can easily figure out the base time height of the triangle. The good thing is that you can apply this formula to all kinds of triangles concerned. Kindly note that in all types of triangles the base and height always remain equals to each other.

Area of Triangle Formula

Once you have figured out the base and height of the triangle then it remains a simple calculation to calculate the area of a triangle. We are here putting down the accurate formula for the area of the triangle for our scholar readers.

Triangle Area Calculation Formula = A = ½ (b × h)

area of triangle formula

Kindly remember the resulting answer of triangle area will always be in the square units. It’s because the area of the triangle always has the standard units of denotation in the general and mathematics domains.

So, as you can see how easier is to calculate the area of the triangle with the values of base and height. The above-mentioned tactics and formula work for the calculation of all types of triangle areas.

So, feel free to use this formula for your personal and academic usage. Scholars can share this formula with others to help them all in calculating the area of a triangle.

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